Children Interrupting Adults: Make It Stop!

One of my all-time, all-around pet peeves, is when children interrupt adults.

You’re at a party with your child  and there are other adults there with their children.  Do you dare have a conversation amongst you, the adults, who own the house, bought the food, invited everybody?  Well it’s  hard to even piece together two sentences when kids are constantly budging in and making themselves the center of attention.

What the fuck do they want? And no, saying excuse me doesn’t make it any better!  It’s a good start, but still rude.  It is nothing more than snot-nosed manipulation.  And if you let your kid interrupt your conversation you are sending a very impolite social message.

1.  to the adult with whom you are speaking– you are telling them that you don’t care about what they have to say, and you don’t regard the time they have set aside to socialize as valuable.  So you, dear parent of obnoxious child, are just plain rude.

2. When you are engaged in something that presumably brings you pleasure (conversation, etc.) your child should not ever dare disrupt this activity for his or her sake.

Are kids suffering from a lack of creativity?  Go play! Go stare at a plant! GO BE A KID AND LET THE ADULTS BE!

There is nothing more annoying than the  kid who can’t respectfully sit quietly and let adults talk.  Now I understand if the adults are going on and on and on for hours and your kid is hungry or they need to ask a question.  But really, butting into an adult to adult conversation for no reason other than to get some attention (which is most likely just more of the same kind of attention they wrest from situations), or to simply just hear themselves speak? Teach them what a conversation looks and sounds like.  If the adults involved do not, themselves, have A.D.D., children should recognize the conversation as a fluid exchange of words without long pauses, accompanied by consistent eye contact  and facial expressions.

Why in the world do parents find it acceptable for a child to interrupt ?  What could they possible have to say that is so important as to interrupt ANYBODY’s conversation?I say “hell no”.

And to all those parents out there who find it cute, amusing, or, in some creepy way, satisfying because your kid feels “comfortable” around adults, fuck all ya’ll.  Your kids are brats and no one dares tell you.  But I’m telling you.

So, how do you combat this problem?  You look at your child and say, “I’m talking.”  Period.   “If you’re not on fire and no one is drowning, then you must wait.”

You think they’ll get the hint?  They better.

Then, the next time they feel like interrupting you, they have to DECIDE whether they really NEED to talk to you.

And, you won’t look like the typical crap of a parent who can’t stand up to their child and remind them of  very  basic social skills and boundaries: don’t interrupt adults when they are in a conversation.

For some fairly good advice regarding smaller children go : here


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